Corporate Social Responsibility

Within the Romeu Group we are fully aware of the importance of maintaining a balanced relationship between our work, the environment and society. Our business processes in our companies are in fact designed with CSR in mind at all times.

  • Despite our worldwide operations, we try to enforce homogenous values, quality of service, integrity and ethics.
  • We actively work for the welfare of our teams. Through work life balance policies and sponsoring sport activities we make big efforts so that our staff keeps in good health.
  • We want to have a diverse team. We try to balance age, gender, religion and cultural backgrounds. It’s through this diversity that we get to adapt better to  our clients’ needs there where we operate.
  • We care for the environment. We invest heavily in business process reengineering to reduce paper use in our offices. We integrate carbon footprint reducing policies into our transport decisions.
  • Our commitment with society includes employing handicapped personnel.
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