Our values

Work and humbleness

From our Chairman to the most recent hire, we all share the vision of serving our customers. We understand that international cargo logistics are not exempt of problems. But it’s precisely by being humble and working hard that we recognize this and we constantly look for ways to improve our processes to better serve our customer base.

Family business

As a family business, we reinvest a significant part of the profits to strengthen our group’s financial structure. We also invest heavily to ensure a bright future for our companies and staff. With low debt ratios and conservative risk management, we try to safeguard our growth so that our 100+ years old family business remains strong and healthy.

Independent business units

Our group is organized around six business units. These not only belong to the same shareholders but they are controlled by the same executive board. However, as an integral part of our DNA, these business units work independently. These have independent management and their own goals. These ethics are key to ensure our business units’ success.

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